How easy trust is broken

As I sit at my desk, I am amazed at the constant reminder that trust takes a long time to build. It is far easier to demolish trust. The relationships we have at home can be destroyed with one harsh spoken word said in a fit of anger or revenge. One mean act can do more damage than a year of constructive building up of character. I wish this wasn’t true. Scripture says this so well in James 3.

What is sad is the fact that some of these destructive actions are outside of our control. We didn’t have anything to do with the actions, others did.

The tendency then is to react and seek for revenge. As a Christian, I know that I should not harbor hard feelings or seek to get even. Yet, those feelings exist. How do we overcome?

Yesterday, my pastor, Jason Matters, shared some great wisdom. Our hope, our center of faith is found in the Cross of Jesus. It is in that cross that we need to boast, rest, and hide in. I think this is the beginning of how to deal with broken trust and perhaps find a way to restore trust, if that is even possible.

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